Monday, March 29, 2010

The Philosophy of HRD and ARTHASASTRA

This philosophy of HRD and Arthasastra is a fruitful research attempt of synchronizing the oriental and western philosophy in the context of governance and management. The research has undoubtedly proved that Kautilya of India has the invincible mastermind to control the entire universe of thoughts, philosophy and activities.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Biography of Prof.N.K.Seshan

Sesham Seshan (Biography of Prof. N.K. Seshan) is a critical examination and analysis on the socialistic movement in India especially in Kerala. The book reinterprets the objectives of the writing process of Biography. Biography should be a convergent attempt to track and evaluate the history to which the person belongs to rather than narrate the story of the person. Sesham Seshan (Biography of Prof. N.K. Seshan) is a good example for elucidating this theory.


Vilapathinte ilakal...Poetry on the woes of farmer

Vilapathinte ilakal (The leaves of Woes) is an anthology of poems written on the woes of Indian Farmers. Poetry has to be an intellectual, emotional as well as a social criticism and poet has to be an aggressor rather than a reporter or negotiator. This definition of poetry has proved an absolute right through this work.  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My second Book on Poetic Philosophy

Ithuvare (Till now) is an exceptional genre of creative work could be termed as poetical philosophy. The work reveals the philosophical flavor behind the human emotional evolution. It is poetic journey from Amma (Mother) to Maranam (Death) and raises unheard and unanswered questions.