Tuesday, August 31, 2010


CM'S FINAL SHOT! LALUR & WAYANAD STIR OFF! This is the tale of two strikes that continued indefinitely in Thrissur and Waynad which called off due to the audio interference of the Chief Minister of Kerala. In both cases the concerned local authorities have tried to end up the stir democratically and practically. But the activists being hijacked by the opposition trump cards continued their strikes under the sensory control units of the remote control system of the political parties. In the case of Lalur, Mayor said the same thing what now the Chief Minister conveyed over mobile phone to the activists. Both the Mayor & Chief Minister said the same that the Lalur Model Project on Solid Waste Management (LAMPS) will be implemented properly. Earlier Singer K.J. Jesudas sang to end up the stir and now Chief Minister rang to end up the stir. The entire drama is to celebrate a social cause in the name of common people. LAMPS illumines where people undermines.  


Monday, August 30, 2010

Medical Business Management (MBA)?

Medical Business Management (MBA) a new stream of business management is on in Kerala. The main objective of this course is to build a cost-effective-patient community and attract them to the medical business area. Here in Thrissur, such MBA’s have began exercising their business strategies to build such army of patients and get them swarm around the medical business outlets. In a community where major share of people are mould into Doctors or Engineers, this could only be our great expectation. Thanks to the great pedagogues in the area of Medical & Engineering entrance Examinations.


Roadside Physiotherapy?

Roadside Physiotherapy? Roadside Physiotherapy is a new terminology in medical science. No doubt, this expert traditional medical practitioner is successfully conducting his medical treatment modus operandi before the public and gets applauded. This medical team is from Karnataka and operating their traditional medical services along the roadsides in Kerala. The medicinal oil is said top have a composition of 20 plus herbs and the Therapist is offering the Physiotherapy free of cost to the public. Those experienced the treatment and the eye witnesses told this scribbler that the medicine and the treatment are very much effective.


If you need to travel, you have to qualify IAS?

If you need to travel, you have to qualify IAS?  Yes, you have to pass Indian Auto rickshaw Service (IAS) Examination and Interview before entering into an Auto Rickshaw for travel anywhere in Thrissur. The matter was very serious on the road during Onam festival season and this scribbler has suffered the difficulties and pains of passing this tough examination and interview. At last I called the Circle Inspector Thrissur (East) for help. At first he denied services for me but later he sends a couple of police force for helping the people. The police have stopped all the Auto Rickshaws that plied on the road and forced them to boarded people. Thanks for the goodness of the Police.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why should Dr.Sukumar Azhikode head Barat Mohan Lal?

Why should Dr.Sukumar Azhikode head Barat Mohan Lal? The elite Kerala could easily understand without any hesitation that both the celebrities are well known artists in India. Mohan Lal has his own identity and Azhikode has his own. Their identity and personality are unquestionable and unmatchable. The people of Kerala keep equal distance to the both. In fact Dr. Azhikode is forgetting his intellectual maturity while he wrangles with Mohan Lal. Dr. Azhikode is more a social critic than a literary critic nowadays. He has so many social issues to be attended for the uplift and welfare of the society. Mohan Lal is not at all a social issue. So why should Dr. Azhikode waste his valuable time for simply heading Mohan Lal. Dr. Azhikode , please stop this and prove your intellectual maturity and balance.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Heavenly way to Subway in Thrissur

This is the most narrowed path to Heaven. This Sub Way at Thrissur is being blocked by the barricades and posters of different political parties and business firms. People are under arrest here before they move to the Sub Way. The most notable fact is that the Corporation authorities have put one board inside the tunnel instructing people to use the Sub Way. Thrissur Corporation is famous for its reforms. Recently Dr. Sukumar Azhikode has remarked that the Thrissur Corporation Mayor Prof. R. Bindu is like Mohamed Bin Thuglak and the reforms are the Great Thuglak Reforms.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Onam a sweet memory.

Onam a sweet memory.

Onam, our balance sheet  is still not tallied with the account of Hon'ble Maveli. I have tried several times for several years to get it tallied with the account of Hon'ble Maveli. But I have terribly failed to make it tally. At the same time the balance sheet and the profit and loss account of the lion-share of our business population have tallied with the account of Physical Onam. The problem is with the account of the spiritual account of Onam prepared by Hon'ble Maveli, the great social Accountant. So let us try to find out the spiritual plane of the divine Onam and the social accountability of Hon'ble Maveli.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



The allegations against People's Democratic Party (PDP) chief Abdul Nazir Maudany is burning for the last so many years. Maudany, named as an accused in the 2008 Bangalore bomb blast case, has been trying to secure anticipatory bail. However, a local court in Bangalore turned down his plea last month and the high court too refused his plea last week. Maudany was jailed after being linked to the 1998 serial bombings in Coimbatore but was acquitted in 2007. In the case of Maudany, law and order machinery is continuously chasing him for accusing and acquitting. This is evidently a violation of human rights. If there are strong criminal allegations against Abdul Nazir Maudany, he should be punished according to the penal code of the Indian judiciary. It is learnt from the media that there are legally proven allegations. Then why should the exercising of justice is delayed? In this context it may be inferred and implied that the justice is denied to both the society and the individual Abdul Nazir Maudany. So I plead on behalf of human rights that the justice should be exercised in time for the benefit of the society or individual, if justifiable other wise the innocent should be freed conditionally or unconditionally.

William C.T.       

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Media persons should beg for public apology?

Media persons should beg for public apology?

An open forum discussion held at the Kerala Sahitya Academy, Thrissur in connection with the seminar on Media Language has concluded that the Media Persons have moral responsibility to beg for Public Apology for the Media errors they committed. I strongly protested this concluded remarks of the forum. In my opinion Media persons need not beg for Public Apology for the errors other than factual crept into the reporting. At the same Media Persons should take maximum vigilance in dealing with reporting to avoid such errors. Media persons no time to get the data processed and error-free for want of speedier news delivery especially in the onslaught of visual media. It will not be a good practice of ethics to beg for public apology as and when errors crept into the reports. There are chances of sinister influences upon his psyche to hunt for erroneous data for sensationalism and also for reporting easiness.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why should not Kalmadi quit CWG?

Why should not Kalmadi quit CWG?

It is not democratic to adhere on the chair of allegations. A good citizen should prove his public innocence and integrity keeping away from the alleged chair. He could come back after proving his spiritual cleanliness. So dear Kalmadi, Please quit the chair at the earlier and come back with the power and brilliance of infallible spirit.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Mind the global tears

Today is the day of tears and sorrows for the whole world.

Today is the day of tears and sorrows for the whole world. Thousands of people were killed by the people who want to establish their military ego and national super ego. The images of tears and sorrows have been vanished from our conscience and we have started killing people at the same rate by the same modus operandi or rather far better technocratic way. The extremists are being cultivated in large scale for the benefit of the global politics. Kerala is also doing its level best to contribute towards the share of tears and sorrows. Let us pray for the world peace.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why my Book rejected by Kerala Sahitya Academy?

The answer is: dirty and factional politics of the Marxist Communist Party. The Book was written as per the written demand from the Academy Secretary. I have completed the book very before the stipulated time frame. the Book was a Biography on Prof. N.K. Seshan, the veteran socialist, writer and the former Finance Minister of Kerala. My search for the biological records of Prof. N.K. Seshan took one year and the data gathered have been analysed on the basis of intellectual and statistical research and the book was presented to the secretary of the Academy on 20th december 2010. The book was handed over to the secretary by the Hon'ble Minister for education and culture Sri. M.A. Baby. The book was foreworded by the Veteran Socialist and Member of Parliament Sri. M.P. Veerendrakumar. The factional political villains at academy has censored the third chapter of the book of which lion-share is contributed by Sri.M.P. Veerendrakumar. The academy is wreaking revenge upon Sri.M.P.Veerendrakumar and the parted soul of Prof. N.K. Seshan and also the spirit of a writer.