Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why my Book rejected by Kerala Sahitya Academy?

The answer is: dirty and factional politics of the Marxist Communist Party. The Book was written as per the written demand from the Academy Secretary. I have completed the book very before the stipulated time frame. the Book was a Biography on Prof. N.K. Seshan, the veteran socialist, writer and the former Finance Minister of Kerala. My search for the biological records of Prof. N.K. Seshan took one year and the data gathered have been analysed on the basis of intellectual and statistical research and the book was presented to the secretary of the Academy on 20th december 2010. The book was handed over to the secretary by the Hon'ble Minister for education and culture Sri. M.A. Baby. The book was foreworded by the Veteran Socialist and Member of Parliament Sri. M.P. Veerendrakumar. The factional political villains at academy has censored the third chapter of the book of which lion-share is contributed by Sri.M.P. Veerendrakumar. The academy is wreaking revenge upon Sri.M.P.Veerendrakumar and the parted soul of Prof. N.K. Seshan and also the spirit of a writer. 


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