Saturday, July 31, 2010

Politicians V/S Judiciary in Kerala

It has become a political practice that the politicians in Kerala are continuously attacking the judiciary. The people of Kerala like voters of anywhere in the world has voted them to safeguard the rights of the people who voted and not voted them. But unfortunately they have no time for these things. This can be treated as the greatest tragedy to the democracy and its culture. Let us lament on the big tragedy.

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  1. The incidents of Judiciary interfering in a democratically elected govt's policy decisions have become the order of the day. This is very evident during the present LDF ministry's tenure. The are many incidents of Judiciary interfering in major policy decisions of the Government. Judicary should not be a tool for the rich in the society to overcome the rules and regulations introduced by the state govt. This is a matter to be discussed very seriously deep down to the root level in the society.