Tuesday, August 31, 2010


CM'S FINAL SHOT! LALUR & WAYANAD STIR OFF! This is the tale of two strikes that continued indefinitely in Thrissur and Waynad which called off due to the audio interference of the Chief Minister of Kerala. In both cases the concerned local authorities have tried to end up the stir democratically and practically. But the activists being hijacked by the opposition trump cards continued their strikes under the sensory control units of the remote control system of the political parties. In the case of Lalur, Mayor said the same thing what now the Chief Minister conveyed over mobile phone to the activists. Both the Mayor & Chief Minister said the same that the Lalur Model Project on Solid Waste Management (LAMPS) will be implemented properly. Earlier Singer K.J. Jesudas sang to end up the stir and now Chief Minister rang to end up the stir. The entire drama is to celebrate a social cause in the name of common people. LAMPS illumines where people undermines.  


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