Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please don't call fathers. They are at kitchen!

Panchayat election in Kerala is on. This time 50 % of total Panchayat will be ruled by women representatives. Thanks to the spirit of gender equality and honoring the weaker sex to enhance to stronger sex. The socio-cultural impact of this reformation will be supposed to be grave. Proportionately 50 % of men folk have to concentrate on the duties of kitchen and other household duties as their best half is being sacrificed to the Panchayat raj. This will in fact reflect adversely on the masculine productivity and in the arena of healthy rearing up of their children. Our children will lose the great concern of their mother and mothers touch due to this historic reformation. There is also a great chance of our men folk become lazy and irresponsible while addressing serious issues of their family and life. However we could find solace in having a complete Panchayat raj protected by our mothers. Perhaps this may inspire us to call India Mother India!

C.T. William       

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