Monday, October 11, 2010

A wanted customer of democracy!

This poor man is waiting for some lucky traveler to sell his luck for livelihood. He does not know Abhishek Singhvi! He does not know Thomas Isac! He does not know Monica Agencies! He does not know Megha Distributer! He does not know Chidambaram! He had never been to Bhuttan! His wife and children are not in America! He does not know Modern Economics! What he knows is that his wife and children are at stake. What he knows is that his right to live is being questioned and violated by a government and its opposition. A Government that claims to be for the poor and the downtrodden has chained him and his livelihood! But everybody knows that he has one vote and he is a wanted customer of democracy!  

C.T. William


  1. if he can live ONLY by selling Sikkim & Bhuttan lotteries which are being sold violating the Laws of the Land, even GOD can't help him!

  2. Sorry!I strongly disagree with your opinion.if lottery selling is prohibited, he can look for another job.There is no need for a man to stick on lottery sale always. Kerala is a state where there are none unemployed. If u look for a plumber, if u look for an electrician, if u look for a manual labour, u will become desperate.