Monday, August 15, 2011

Disguised Social Activism and Social Activists are dangerous to any community or Nation.

Where is Baba Ram Dev now? 
If Baba Ram Dev is a genuine case for a cause; 
why should Anna Hazare quit him unconditionally?
Where was this Anna Hazare for the last 50 years?
Where was he at the time of Bofors Scam?
Where was he at the time of Share Scam?
Where was he at the time of Stamp Paper Scam?
Where was he at the time of Kargil Scam?
Where was he at the time of the other ‘n’ number of Scam?
Now his appearance seems dubious. The appearance of his newly generated promoters and supporters are also dubious.

The major tax evaders in India are either the corporate giants or the Bolly-Kolly-Mollywood giants. The promoters and supporters of Anna Hazare are these tax evaders. In such a context, how should we justify the cause of Anna Hazare? Evidently there is hidden agenda underneath Anna Hazare. If not; why should the opposition is defending Anna Hazare?

The major corruption in India as lime lighted now is the 2G spectrum. Now Anna Hazare is utilizing the same 2G spectrum technology to reflect and refract the messages of anti-corruption. Lakhs and Lakhs of rupees are being spent on transmitting bulk SMS for the dissemination of Anna Hazare and his message. Is this the other replica of the corruption?

Why should we call Anna Hasare a true Gandhian?  A person who had spent Rs.2.20 Lakhs for celebrating his Birth Day could not be treated as Gandhian. Celebrating One’s own Birth Day itself is not a Gandhian attitude. The stories of corruption in connection with the ‘so called’ charity institutions headed by Anna Hazare are yet to come out.

Social Activism, nowadays have become the effective weapon effectively applied by the opposition on the ruling front in India. There are lots of such examples to be cited of from the various states in India. These Social Activists are later on honoured and consecrated as divine icons or images in the country as and when the opposition becomes the ruling front.

Dr. Sukumar Azhikode from Kerala is such an acclaimed icon who has been consecrated often by the respective opposition parties and the opposition-turned ruling parties. Disguised Social Activism and Social Activists are dangerous to any community or Nation.

So, let us promote the issue not the person behind the issue. Let our issues not to attack the Nation and the National interests. 

A person who is propagandizing India as a corrupt country in the whole world, could not be tolerated? A person who is trying to tarnish India and Democracy at the eve of its independence could not be tolerated or even accounted for. 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s address to the Nation
On the 64th Independence Day

“We want a strong Lokpal to prevent corruption in high places. We have recently introduced a Bill in Parliament to achieve this. Now only Parliament can decide what type of Lokpal legislation should be enacted. I am aware of the differences of opinion on some aspects of the Bill. Those who don't agree with this Bill can put forward their views to Parliament, political parties and even the press. However, I also believe that they should not resort to hunger strikes and fasts unto death.”

“I have said so much on corruption because I know that this problem is a matter of deep concern for all of us. However, this is a difficulty for which no government has a magic wand. We are taking simultaneous action on many fronts in our fight against corruption. We want all political parties to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight. To eradicate corruption, we have introduced, and will introduce, many Bills in Parliament. I hope that all political parties will cooperate in the process of converting these Bills into statutes. On the issue of corruption, I would like to say in the end that we can win the fight against corruption only when each and every citizen of India cooperates in it.”
C.T. William   

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