Thursday, February 3, 2011

The glory of Mahatma Gandhi should not be marred.

Remove the Saintly Image of Mahatma Gandhi from the Corrupt Facets of Our Indian Currency

India has been using Rupee, the currency since 6th century BC.  The word “Rupee” is found to be originated or derived from the word “Rop” or “ Rupa” which means silver in many Indo-Aryan languages.

In Malayalam it has been equated with the word”Kasu” which means that emanates light or brilliance, which is also a radiant property of silver. The derivative word “Rupaye” was widely used to denote the coin introduced by Sher Sha Suri during his reign from 1540 to 1545 CE. The conceptual and architectural transition with the Indian Rupee has now reached in its own pinnacle conveying the Devnagri symbol ` . Here ends the metamorphosis with the Indian Rupee.

But the saddest side of this historic metamorphosis is so pathetic and tragic when one think of the same in terms of the grand Indian history, Culture and Tradition. From time immemorial Indian Rupee has conceived a royal dimension of having it designed with the profile of British Kings and Queens.

We had then the early paper issues of our currency started with the one-sided Unifaced series, allegorical female figured commerce series, and the Britannia series. We had also the profile of King George VI portrayed in our currency till 1947. After the independence of India, we had replaced the profile of King George VI with that of Mahatma Gandhi. The lion capital of Asoka was also finally chosen to add heritage glamour to our Indian Rupee. The grand Mahatma Gandhi series of paper currency were introduced in 1996 and this series is continuing.

The feeling of patriotism and nationalism could be well justified and experienced with the introduction of the Mahatma Gandhi series of currency. But we have to think and re-think at least for one million times about the portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in our currency in the midst of drastic changing times. Every citizen in the world especially Indian citizen should know that Mahatma Gandhi is not a politician but a politico-spiritualist or saint instead. It may also be noted that the Mahatma declared his life as his message (My life is my message.) and also further declared that he will not let anyone walk through his mind with their dirty feet. (I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.) It was Mahatma Gandhi who declared the world of those seven great deadly sins of which deadly emphasis was given to the deadly sin that “commerce without morality.”


Wealth without Work
Pleasure without Conscience
Science without Humanity
Knowledge without Character
Politics without Principle
Commerce without Morality
Worship without Sacrifice
 The Indian political body has been contaminated and corrupted in its maximum and where the word “corruption” has achieved its closest synonym as “commerce” without morality.  As per the corruption perception index for 2010, India has won the 87th covetable rank in corruption. A 2005 study has also found that 75% of the Indians have first-hand experience of paying bribes for all walks of life. After nearly a decade, this trend would have reached at 90%.

The floor of Indian parliament has recently witnessed itself as the major platform for corruption where bribed currencies have blown to the democratic cosmic of the Indian parliament. Another remarkable study conducted in 2008 has also reported that nearly a fourth chunk of the 540 Indian parliament members were charged with either corruption or crimes. Alas! Indian heritage! Alas Indian Democracy!

Here is the right platform to think of the conceptual and architectural redesigning of the Indian currency. Here is the right platform to think aloud on the Indian cultural heritage and to decide upon whether we need to redesign and retranslate the conceptual and architectural designing of the Indian currency. Yes, it is high time to redesign the Indian currency.

By redesigning and retranslation, I mean to free our great Mahatma Gandhi from the corrupted facets of Indian currency that has itself proved undoubtedly a kaleidoscope of corruption.  Now it has become a sarcastic tragedy that the word “Mahatma Gandhi” has been a nearest synonym for corrupted commerce. Yes, “commerce without morality”, the ever-respected core of Gandhian Philosophy.  This kind of cultural drain has to be curtailed or annihilated. The glory of Mahatma Gandhi should not be marred. We should understand the tragedy with our cultural heritage and democracy. The only action left here is to remove the saintly image of Mahatma Gandhi from the corrupt facets of our Indian currency. Let us ensure that no one should walk through his mind with their dirty feet.    


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