Monday, December 27, 2010

Does this tri-color, tri-letter magic ever save India?

An exceptional three dimensional factor is very much traceable in the Indian geography and in all its multifaceted components. India is a peninsular country which is classically tuned by three oceans and its mystic depth is experienced in its own spiritual/cultural mantra Pranava and Gayathri. In this mystical flavor, India is displaying its ever-revolving Dharma chakra amidst the tri-color which has happened to be our national flag. The tri-letter Bharat thus emerged. Then emerged the first political or national party with the very phenomenal tri-letter dimension and we called it as Indian National Congress (INC). Then the color scheme and letter scheme have changed. Then there railed an unending train of tri-colors and tri-letters. We are reading them such as CPI, CPM, BJP….CBI, CAG, PAC, JPC and so on…..and this non-particular three-dimensional charisma are spreading the whole peninsula. Now the political parties have crammed the whole peninsula making use of all the available letters from the English alphabets like an expertise sudoku player. Experience teaches us that India has trapped in the mysterious sudoku box of letters and colors and now under a confusion of its tough survival. Does this tri-color, tri-letter magic ever save India?
C.T. William 

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