Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Poems-1



Now ,
Everything has changed.
So Adam and Eve,
Heaven and Hell,
God and Devil,
Tree of knowledge,
Tree of life,
And fruits of temptations.
Hell to them the first couple is Heaven.
Devil to them the worst of all
Is God.
The whole Eden of senses,
To them now an oasis!
The tree of knowledge
The tree of life
And fruits of temptations
stood motionless ghostlike
To colour the firey Eden.
Now, Nothing is forbidden
Even a twig
A dried up hug
A dead leaf
A frozen bed
All worn out skeleton-like
For cells kills own tissues.
Here no fruits ripened
For all plucked prematurely.
No serpent appeared
Them to insinuate
For now they breed serpent within
To poison the self and the posterity.
All they devoured
All to them are edible.
Tree of knowledge!
Tree of life!
And the fruits of temptations!
There is no God
To make them feel nude
For now they in nude indulged.
There is no Voice nor Commandment
To drive them afar,
For now they are wandering afar
With untitled dragonic viruses.

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