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Prof. P.C.Thomas, the God of Entrance Examinations in Thrissur, Kerala shares the secrets of his strategic "Thanthai Therapy" (Father Therapy) and the eventful victorious journey of excellence with ethrissur.com.  

Interview by Mr.C.T. William

William  What is the secret behind your legendary victorious journey of excellence in the entrance examinations?

P.C. It's very simple. Hard work of the student and the spirit of dedication and service of this institution.

William  Some parents often complains that you are imposing hard work on students and it affect them adversely. do you agree to this statement?

Certainly not. It's a universal truth that hard work pays and rewards always. You know, entrance examination is a task or a mission. For the success of such a task or mission, right targeting of aim and hard work are essential factors. I motivate them to undertake the task or mission and it always ended up in success. Then how can it be an imposition.

William  How do you motivate them? Is there any specific strategy?

P.C. You know, simply feeding information to students is not teaching. Before starting feeding of any information, one has to do some preparatory works to make them receivers of information. I call this process as formation and transformation process.

William  How far is this possible?

I have successfully proved it possible. For the last so many years I am reaping the fruitful results of these possibilities. But I can not materially present or record any modus operandi. Because the process is spiritual. My ultimate aim is to awaken the students spiritually and to make them realize their aim and also to make them bold enough to achieve the target.

William  Amidst the time constraints and voluminous crowd of students, how can you manage this kind of spiritual operation?

I am managing this with the help of networked Public Address System. I used to give them spiritual talks daily and the formation-transformation process is thus done.

William  Is there any creative role for the parents?

Definitely yes. My own "Thanthai Therapy" (Father Therapy) starts here. Please do not misunderstand the terminology. I am applying the word "Thanthai" with a little bit of divine reverence. I believe that parents especially father has a remarkable role in educating and training the children. I insist all fathers to sit together with their children during their study time. There is no meaning in leaving the children to their own world of studies and keeping away from the parental responsibilities. There is also no meaning in scolding the children when their performance level is coming down due to the lack of parental responsibilities. There should be a mutual sharing of pains and sacrifices in between the parents and the children. I mean a spiritual togetherness.

William  I heard that you are against co-education system i.e.: mixing up of girls and boys. Is this a right approach?

P.C. According to me, it is the right approach. My experience taught me that co-education has some negative impact. I blame the TV channels and internet in this context for such media are instrumental for the unscientific sexual explosion and exploitation.

William  Can you explain a little more?

Yes. What I mean is this. Nowadays parents are more concern about the food they are giving to the children. Our modern food system is mainly supported and supplemented by the high-calorie tinned food. This will definitely generate and stimulate sexual urge in children and accordingly their concentration in studies will be adversely affected.

William  So do you have any recommendation on the diet system of the students?

yes. Don't give too much attention to the food. Always avoid high-calorie food. Feed the mind and enable the mind a peaceful and powerful environment of concentration.

William  What is your message to the students who came out of flying colours and those waiting for the coming entrance examination?

I simply remind them the truth that only hard work and peace of mind will pay and reward. I congratulate my students who followed this truth.

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