Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Poems-3


After all it was a suicide
Of unprecedented type.
Here the hero is a coward
Of predicted type-
A prejudiced rebel.

He was frustrated- dejected
For he said, “you will cry and weep,
But the world will be glad”
After all it was a suicide
For he said, “Put your sword back in its place.”

He was silent before Pilate
And Pilate washed his hands in silence.
Then the crowd shouted like a roaring sea;
“Kill him; set Barabas free for us.”
It was a suicide for he did feign impotent.

He who converted water, wine
He who fed five thousand, said;
“I am thirsty” , Thirst?
After all it was a suicide
Of a thirsty man without thirst.

They divided his clothes
They gambled for his robes
Then he was wrapped and buried-
it was a suicide for he left the tomb
Leaving the shroud-the wretched remnant of the world.

After all it was a suicide
Of a coward! A prejudiced rebel!
For he did appeared first
Before Marry Magdalene
Even after resurrection.

*Line no.4-It is predicted that Christ would be crucified.
*Line no.7-John 16-20.
*Line no.10-John 18-11.
*Line no.14-Luke 23-18.
*Line no.18-John 19-28.
*Line no.25-When Christ resurrected He left his shroud in the empty tomb.
*Line no.28-John 20-15.

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