Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Poems-4


Then sidhartha
Entered the apartment of yashodhara
Eyed the sleeping wife and son
And mounted on kantaka
Leaving no lotus behind.

On each gallop he heard
The sulphurous sigh of a mother.
On and on he heard sal tree
Crying like an infant
But sidhartha resisted temptation.

Then sidhartha
Passed through magadha to reach uruvela,
Where beneath a pipal tree
He fought against mara
To win the realm of enlightenment.

neither temptation nor enlightenment
Provoked Devadatta-his cousin;
But the pangs of a destitute mother-
The ceaseless cry of a fatherless baby
So he was consumed by flames.

But the spirit dies never
And the spirit of Devadatta lives for ever-
It took the form of a mushroom
To become the last supper
Served to the octogenarian.

Here no parallels are allowed
By the judiciary of deathless spirits
So Christ was crucified
Socrates poisoned
So also Budha died.

C.T. William
*Line no.2-Sidhartha’s wife.

*Line no.4-Sidhartha’s horse.

*Line no.5-Budhist mythology says that where Budha the child, touched, there will spring a lotus.

*Line no.14-According to Budhist mythology, Devadatta, the rival of Budha was consumed by flames.

*Line no.23-It is said that Budha died of food poison. He was food-poisoned by mushroom.
*Line no.25-Budha died at his eightieth year.

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