Tuesday, September 7, 2010


THE COMMUNIST GURU EMS SHOULD NOT BE CRITICISED! Kerala Sahithya Academy has rejected the Biography of Prof. N.K. Seshan, the former socialist ideologist and the former Minister for finance of Kerala written by C.T. William. The Academy editorial has cut all the remarks that are related to the communist guru and even rewritten by the publication officer. The writer but refused to accept the rewritten version of the biography and informed the academy editorial that the work should not be a cooperative attempt. The writer also claimed that the biography is born out of the data gathered from the contemporary personalities of the veteran socialist Prof. N.K. Seshan and the records collected from the academy and Kerala legislative library archive. The writer has also submitted the audio-visual documents of such records to establish the credibility. A detailed report is published in Mangalam daily. Browse for: 

C.T. William

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