Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prime Minister should attend to CWG process.

It is so pathetic that the arrangements of the Common Wealth Games invites unpleasant criticism and controversy as the event is very nearby. With the collapse of an important foot-bridge at the CWG premises, the reliability and credibility of the criticism and controversies have been evidently proved. Why this sort of irresponsibilities reign in the most vital arena of Indian Sports World. The matter is ; this event is not a domestic event whereas the event is for all the sportsmen and athletes all over the world. So a slight deviation from the responsibilities will tarnish the reputation and prestige of the Nation. The Prime Minister of India should immediately attend to this grave issue and steps taken to rectify the ills and evils of the administration at the CWG site. 

C.T. William     

1 comment:

  1. Prime Minister Singh has severely damaged our country's Pride and he should take the moral responsibility for this shameful affairs of state.

    So called "Booming India / resurgent India" have to learn a lot yet for conducting such International events and those nasty politicians should be kept away from all sports bodies.

    All Indians should come forward for such a good cause for the upliftment of Sports in our country