Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let us celebrate the election carnival.

It is once again election time in Kerala. The political parties are once again awaked to refresh themselves from their long cozy and comfortable sleep with a rejuvenated determination to serve the people. The political parties are also staging different dramas ranging comedy to tragedies in the public theatre expecting the applause of the people. The people as usual are forced to forget everything so far and ready to entertain themselves and also to forgive those culprits and criminals harassed them both emotionally, economically and physically. Now they are on the anvil of decision making to decide upon the lesser criminal to exercise their vote. The party delegates and members are very busy now to participate in all domestic and non domestic functions around their locality. As the new entrant children to schools they are about to wear new shoes that suit their foot in terms of size, color, brand and market. Let us once again celebrate this mega colorful festival at the cost of democracy.

C.T. William    

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