Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Protect Nature to protect our humanity.

The world from its very origin has started the mission of preserving nature as a part of spirituality where icons of nature have been consecrated as Gods and Goddesses; Sun, Moon, Earth, Sea, River, Mountain, Trees, Flora and fauna. The Bible itself has forbidden the first human being from plucking of fruits of a tree as it implies sin and on the violation of this divine command, God has expelled them from heaven. The great Indian poet and Rishi Valmeeki has also uttered the ever-adorable mantra-Manishadha at the hunter who tried to kill the love-making birds.  However, this spirit of preservation of nature has materially originated around 3rd century BC as a part of public administration. It was the King Devanampiya Tissa of Sri Lanka who spread this holy spirit of preserving nature by establishing the world’s first wild life sanctuary.  In India our forefathers has preached us not to destroy nature at any cost. Our beloved Mahatma Gandhi has proved his life nature-friendly unto his last. Jawahr Lal Nehru with his rose flower in the button hole also symbolizes his deep love to nature. But all our leaders after these personalities have become cruel to nature. All the rules and regulations formulated by the government are either to damage or to destroy our glorious robust nature. Forests deforested! Rivers Dammed! Hills and mountains uprooted! Green-rich areas Concreted! It is really the fate of holy nature. It is really the tragedy with our Humanity.
C.T. William       

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