Monday, September 27, 2010

Guinness Record for sleepless 108 Hours.

At last Hemalatha is said to have qualified for Guinness record for she danced for more than 108 Hrs. continuously. But spectators say that Hemalatha has not danced Mohiniyattom properly. It is true that Hemalatha dressed with all paraphernalia of Mohiniyattom and did the venture at ease without observing the classic grammar of the dance form. She danced at snail’s pace and paid more attention and concentration on the stop watch and her long-cherished dream-Guinness Record. What is relevant here is that Hemalatha achieved her goal through sleepless 108 Hrs. Mohiniyattom has undoubtedly proved it as Mone-yattom through this ad-venture. Once again Satraps and Landlords disguised as sponsors exploit this glorious classical dance form for their self-marketing and snobbery. It is the fate with our art that the artists are performing the blessed art for personal material gains and to enhance their statuesque and snob. It is a shame for us all that art has become a show-piece for reality shows. If our renowned Malayalam poet Vallothol is alive today he would have certainly lament on the tragedy with our Mohiniyattom.

C.T. William

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