Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Poems-5


Thus Yashodhara came
there under the tree of knowledge.
There she felt all air sere
To dry her little nostalgia.

Afeared she gaped around
where Banyan leaves panted heavily
The pains of a delivered mother,
Who terribly lost her child,
Like hopeless mother.

She called her Lord
Like an ill-fated widow.
Echoes her ears expected, but
Explosions answered her
Amidst the funeral pyre.

She smelt her flesh burning,
And felt there edicts burning.
A motherly outcry she broke
And all mothers cut-throats awoke.

It echoed in the northern valley of apples
In the eastern fields of golden wheat
In the western shrines o f Sarnath
And now it shudders the south
Antique caves of Ellora.

Afeared she gaped around
Appeared she like a ghost-like flame.
Explosive flames pawed at her
As foamy tongues of mad dogs.

A flamelet caught her mantle
Yashodhara is now burning.
Yashodhara is now a burning mother.
will her Lord hear her cry?
Will her child see her burning?
Dr. C.T.William

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