Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Poems-9


The seeds sown
By the grand fathers and fathers
Germinated for nothing
In the farmlands owned
By the grand mothers and mothers
Casting the freezing
Shadows of sarcasm.
The grand mothers and mothers
Speared the paternal bosom
With wordy swords
‘Quality seeds for quality yield’.
The Kamasuthra emphasized
The summer shower of perspiration
Rather than the ejaculated
Shower of passion.
But the grand fathers and fathers
Floated the Kamasuthra
In Lethe; the cosmic ocean.
All seeds in their erotic form
Will thrillingly ear
For the fast gallop
Of the passionate downpour
And the latent passion of seeds
As programmed, exploded and showered
To the wrongly cycled
And frozen farmland.
The latent passion of seeds
Thus neutralized
In the chemistry of soil
And in the physics of friction
Of the condom-worn seeds.
Seeds germinated
Often reasonably
And sometimes foolishly
Like unproductive composition
Of bio chemistry and physics.
Germinated seeds
Are then shadowed
For hardening
And bull baiting-like examinations
In the modern Nalanda and Taxila
Like guerrillas
They positioned in secrecy
To defeat the bull.
And they became
Poorly constituted Physicians or
Poorly devised Physicists.
Witnessing this fruitless cultivation
And the baron farmland
The grand mothers and mothers
Still speared the paternal bosom
With the wordy swords;
‘Quality seeds for quality yield’.
If this be true
Better not to sow or reap
Or shower the cosmic
Like the birds
In the holy sky of the text
Then, don’t know when
I ejaculated the shower of passion
To the erotic photograph
In the newspaper
Away from farmland and farmers.

 C.T. William

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