Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Poems-8


Hail love
The current time immemorial
The unshowered cloudlet
Of the Oceanic sky
The tearlet
That reluctant to trickle out
The rainbow painted
Out of the pain-mixed palette

Hail love
The path zig zag in the woods
The spark at the summit
Of the unfathomable hill
The magic riddle
Of the Tantalysis

Nobody cleared yet
No paths towards you
Those committed suicide
In search of you
Put no warning signals yet
Some defined you real
Some others unreal
Still hail Love
The truth between
The versions real and unreal

Colours and mix futile
While we paint you
Words and feelings fumes
While we versify you
Notes discordant
And meter discomfort
While we sing of you

Still we hail you
The love intravenous
The Love universal
 The exotic painting
The erotic poem
The ecstatic song.

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