Monday, August 12, 2013

My poems-6


He, She, They
The simple caricatures
Of the global youth.

Frustrated He cries,
Frightened She weeps,
Rythemless They sings-
The requiem
Of the global youth.

Here, Sun rises
Not for light
Not for heat,
But it rises and rises.

Here, stars twinkles
Not for the sky
Not for the earth,
But it twinkles and twinkles.

Here, Sun and Stars
Are the embers that fumes
The pyre of the global youth
Day and night.

Here, woods flowers
Not for the butterflies
Not for the poets,
But to pay homage to itself.

Here, rivers flows
Not to the valleys
Not to the oceans,
But to its own graves.

Here, Birds cries
In the north and the south
East and west
Not to bring in the spring,
But to ring in the knell
Of the global youth.
 C.T. William

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